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These are representative of some of the types of candles that we make. Our candlemaker is always trying new things out, so our stock is always changing. We can produce candles in a variety of colours, shapes and fragrances, so if you have something specific in mind, please ask! As a general guide, our candles are priced based on the quantity of wax involved in their manufacture.

Appliqué Wax candles have their decoration made out of thin strips of wax that are cut into designs and then fixed to the handmade candle. Because of the versatility of this way of working, these produce some of our prettiest and most popular designs.

Large Pillar Candle with Holly Decoration. Approx. Height 20cm
Okay - not very seasonal, but you get the idea!

Spherical candle
This candle has a holographic wax starburst on the top. Candles which have the metallic waxes on or near the top become particularly fascinating as they burn. The metallic particles are released into the well on top of the candle as it burns, and turn and sparkle in the melted wax. If the cup should break, a rivulet of metal runs down the side of the candle. Beautiful - but as with all candles you should ensure that they are standing on something to catch the wax ! Round Candles
£3.50 each